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Match Official News

  • The Learning Corner for Match Officials

  • By Staff 05/28/2019, 2:30pm EDT
  • Interview with Amato DeLuca, Former FIFA Match Official, Current FIFA High Intensity Fitness Test Instructor on how to prepare for a match and anything that is thrown at you
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  • The Play Inspire Unite Podcast - Episode #6

  • By Staff 11/03/2018, 10:00am EDT
  • The Match Official Department sat down to discuss the issue effecting officials in this province, how LTOD is being received in the community and addresses misconceptions about what they do
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  • Grading Protocol and Auto Grading 2018

  • By Staff 01/28/2018, 11:45am EST
  • The new Auto Grade will create growth in the District Pool, while still maintaining numbers in the Club Pool, as the new Grade 5 Match Official will still be connected to the Club
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  • Assignment of Grade 1 Officials

  • By Staff 07/04/2017, 10:15am EDT
  • It has come to Ontario Soccer’s attention that there are clubs using these officials as Assistant Referees in 9 vs 9 and 11 vs 11 matches
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