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Match Official Programs

Match Officials Programs

Ontario Soccer has a variety of program areas that will assist you in your career as a Match Official. From education sessions to fitness programs, the pages on this site will provide you with all the information you will need.

Ontario Soccer also provides support for Match Officials Development Support Team (DST) which include Assessors, Instructors, Mentors, Coaches, etc. To find out more about a specific program area, feel free to click the corresponding link below:

2023 Game Fee Information - 1+1 Referee System

Due to the decrease in 2022 Match Official registrations, and our biggest priority for 2022 being to avoid cancelling games, we have introduced the 1+1 Assigning System. The will remain in place (where applicable) for 2023.

11v11 and 9v9 games that are typically assigned a full crew of 3 officials, will now have the option to be assigned a Referee and a Fourth Official (1+1 System) if not enough officials are available.  This is to ensure as many games as possible are played, and to limit the ‘lone referee’ scenario.

In order to recognize the additional workload for Match officials, we have recommended fee increases for both the Referee and the Fourth Official if they are the only 2 officials assigned to a game.

Referee – increase of $20.00 per game

Fourth Official – increase of $10.00 per game

The Fourth Official has multiple roles in this 1+1 officiating system:

  • Manage technical areas and substitutions without the assistance of Assistant Referees
  • Assist in field inspection and administration
  • Complete necessary post-game reporting
  • Additional support for the referee

The Referee will:

  • Have to arrive earlier to complete all necessary paperwork and pre-game inspections
  • Depart later in order to complete all necessary game reports
  • Have an increased responsibility of game management with no Assistant Referees to assist

We are working diligently towards ensuring no games are cancelled in 2023.


PLEASE NOTE:  If a league has historically used the 1 referee system, they will continue to pay regular game fees.  The 1+1 Fee Increase is only in effect when a competition that regularly had 3 or 4 officials assigned only has 1, or 1+1 in 2023.


Please check back soon for further information.


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