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SCORE Mentor Program


We are pleased to announce the launch of our enhanced and improved Match Officials Mentor Program, and its consequent rebrand to the ‘Supporting the Community of Officials through Relationships and Education (SCORE) Mentor Program.’  The enhancements include a new training curriculum and reporting form. These changes were based on feedback from mentors and mentees over the past three seasons.

The SCORE program is a component of Ontario Soccer’s Long Term Officiating Development initiative (LTOD) started in 2017.

The cost of the SCORE accreditation course is $25 per person. All existing mentors will be required to pay and complete this accreditation to continue mentoring. 

Applicants will need to complete (in this order):

  • The Mentor Application Form
  • Webinar selection & payment
  • The training webinar
  • A recorded webinar
  • A sample mentor report which will be evaluated

The accreditation process will also require individuals to familiarize themselves with the Canada Soccer Rule of Two and provide a new (within the last 6 months), clear Vulnerable Sector Check to Ontario Soccer.

Letter for Vulnerable Sector Check

How to Become a Mentor

Looking to give back and support other Match Officials in your community? In 2022, Ontario Soccer enhanced the Mentor Accreditation program to help standardize how we mentor Match Officials. This resulted in a rebrand to the 'Supporting the Community of Officials through Relationships and Education (SCORE) Mentor Program.' 

NOTE: All Mentors accredited under the previous mentor program must reaccredit under this new program in order to continue mentoring. Individuals who apply below must be a current registered Match Official in good standing and have received prior approval from their Club Head Referee. They must also be able to provide a new, clear Vulnerable Sector Check at the conclusion of the accreditation process.

After reading the SCORE Mentor Accreditation Process document above, please click on the button below to begin the Application Process.

Mentor Application Deadline


Mentor Forms

District Referee Coordinator & Club Head Referee Resources