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Participant Registration Procedures Update

By Staff, 03/07/22, 4:15PM EST


All participants must be registered in the Ontario Soccer Club Account Registry (OSCAR), the official participant registration system of Ontario Soccer.

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Soccer in Ontario is back and we are looking forward to the 2022 Outdoor Season with great excitement. As part of our preparations for the Outdoor 2022 season, there are some important reminders with respect to the registration of participants. The importance of these reminders has been reinforced by our insurance provider.

All participants must be registered in the Ontario Soccer Club Account Registry (OSCAR), the official participant registration system of Ontario Soccer.

Ontario Soccer cannot stress enough the need for all Clubs to register their participants in OSCAR. Insurance coverage and risk management are two key components as it relates to participants in the sport of soccer.  

When participants are not properly registered in OSCAR, it places significant liability on our entire membership, Clubs and families. Additionally, it impacts the sanctioning of competitions and events.

Visit to find real insurance case examples of Membership Benefits and Risk Management.

Ontario Soccer Operational Procedures - Section 5.0 Registration 

Procedure 1.1

An individual or organization must register with Ontario Soccer prior to participating in any program under the jurisdiction of Ontario Soccer.

An individual or organization is only registered with Ontario Soccer after the applicable data has been entered into Ontario Soccer’s electronic registration system.

Procedure 2.8

A player is registered only after they have completed Ontario Soccer Approved Registration Form (hard copy or electronic) and their registration data has been entered into Ontario Soccer's electronic registration system. The effective date of registration for a player shall be the day and time that the registration has been data entered in Ontario Soccer's registration system. The player will become insured upon their registration into Ontario Soccer’s electronic registration system.

Accurate and True Identification of participants in OSCAR.

Accurately registering participants in OSCAR has significant impact in a number of areas and if a Club enters false information, for example using generic emails, this false information impacts discipline, creates multiple registrations and hampers the processing of insurance claims. As well, it disrupts the Clubs ability to communicate effectively with their members.

This action exposes the Club to potential sanctioning by subjecting their registrants to risk. 

If a Club enters either, an administrator’s personal email (not the participants), or a Club email, this is deemed to be the entry of false information into OSCAR and the following Discipline charges will be laid. 

  • Misconduct 1.68 (Player),
  • 2.68 (Team Official),
  • 3.68 (Administrator),
  • 4.68 (Match Officials)
  • 5.68 (Club),
  • 6.68 (League),
  • 7.68 (District)

Visit to review the Operational Procedure on Discipline.

When a Club registers teams and players, they are required to register the players and team to the correct classification.

For example: a U18 team playing in a U21 or open age senior division must be registered in the Senior Competitive or Recreational classification. This requirement is referring to how a player is registered and not where a player can play. If a youth player wishes to play in a senior division they are able to do so. 

By registering in the classification they are playing in, they acknowledge that the player, parent or guardian understand and accept the inherent risk of playing in an older age group and classification. 

This requirement was recently verified by our insurance provider and deemed necessary to adequately provide coverage for participants.

Inevitably, there will be unique situations that may arise and require additional review. For example situations that involve Tournament Play or Ontario Cup participation. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Patty Forbes, Director, Administration.