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Clubs/Districts News

  • New commercial sponsorship policy

  • By Staff 06/24/2019, 9:15am EDT
  • Ontario Soccer’s Sponsorship Policy articulates how to secure sponsorship in a manner consistent with the common standards implemented within the amateur sport industry.
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  • Launch of FIFA eSports Platform

  • By Staff 04/01/2019, 1:15pm EDT
  • Season 1 of the Northern Arena FIFA 19 Cup will kick off on Saturday, April 6, and is completely free to enter for all participants
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  • CBC report on abuse of athletes

  • By Staff 02/19/2019, 10:15am EST
  • Ontario Soccer is taking the opportunity to remind the Districts, Leagues, Clubs and Academies of the available programs offered which can assist in creating a safe and positive environment
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  • Update on outdoor 2019 season registration data entry

  • By Staff 10/15/2018, 1:00pm EDT
  • In order to facilitate the smoothest transition possible to the new MMRS platform, two primary districts will commence the onboarding process and conduct live interaction with the new platform from November 2018 to January 2019.
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