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Governing Documents

Ontario Soccer Governing Documents pertain to the "administration of the game" in Ontario. All organizations affiliated with Ontario Soccer including, but not limited to, District Associations, Leagues, Clubs, Associate Members and all Ontario Soccer Registrants are governed by, and subject to the following Ontario Soccer Governing Documents:

  • Ontario Soccer Bylaws
  • Ontario Soccer Policies 
  • Ontario Soccer Operational Procedures
  • Canada Soccer Governing Documents



Ontario Soccer's Operational Procedures are the specific processes used to implement the policies of the organization in the day-to-day operations and administration of soccer in the Province of Ontario. The content in the Operational Procedures along with external linked manuals, documents and forms, are to be followed by all registered members and organizations under the Association. 

If you can't find an applicable operational procedure please try the following:

  • Search FULL OP Document below and use Ctrl 'f' as a search function for applicable/key words throughout the document.
  • Search by applicable section by clicking the Section Links below. 
  • Contact your local Governing Organization for direction in navigating the Operational Procedures

Note: Forms/Permits and Reference Documents have been added to each applicable Section Link of the Operational Procedures below. 


The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario resolves claims of discrimination and harassment brought under the Human Rights Code.

Employment Standards

Know your rights and obligations under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). This guide describes the rules about minimum wage, hours of work limits, termination of employment, public holidays, pregnancy and parental leave, severance pay, vacation and more


Discipline and Appeals – Fees, Fines, Bonds and Penalties