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North Mississauga SC Running Program For Special Needs

By OSA News, 11/18/14, 8:45PM EST


Just outside the Hershey Dome in Mississauga it was cold and wet last week but when you entered the building the Panther Stars program provided by North Mississauga Soccer Club is in full swing.  

With over 20 years of this special needs program under their belt and starting their second week of the indoor season the club continues to work hard adding winter sessions alongside their summer program.

Panther Stars was created and designed to bring the opportunity for learning and playing soccer to youths and adults between the ages of 5 and 30 with intellectual and physical disabilities.

It also intends to promote inclusiveness and foster a love for the game. This volunteer run program is led by the hardworking Ken Howe, whose passion is evident as he hurries around to greet players and parents while supporting all the volunteers involved. The pride in this program is evident as Club President Trevor Bertrand was proud to point out how many returning players they have and the joy the program brings to him as well as the Clubs board of directors.

Looking around the field it’s easy to understand and witness the Clubs pride as its covered in smiling faces from the field to the sidelines. Those faces only got brighter when the OSA delivered the Club a prize pack as a tribute to their inclusive program. 

"Everyone was thrilled with the prize pack," Business Manager Lawrence Janit said. "They're all looking forward to wearing their new shin pads and socks and kicking their new soccer balls. I also know the coaches will really appreciate the pinnies for their practices."

Congratulations again to North Mississauga SC for the success and recognition of a great program.

Click here for more information regarding the Panther Stars programs.

For Clubs interested in creating or growing their inclusive soccer program, click here for more information.

Clubs offering inclusive soccer programs were drawn at random following a summer survey run by the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) and Ontario Soccer Association. The survey was designed to assist the CPC in measuring the level of activity in soccer clubs across Ontario.