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Grassroots And Club Development In Attendance At Huronia AGM

By OSA News, 11/24/14, 8:45PM EST


This past weekend saw the OSA's Grassroots and Club Development departments come together in a presentation to members of the Huronia District Soccer Association.

The first presentation was from Carl Horton, a Grassroots Soccer Development Advisor, on why the Grassroots department has been created at the OSA and what the Grassroots department can do for Districts and Youth clubs within Ontario.

During the presentation the philosophy of Grassroots soccer was highlighted as well as the sensible reasoning behind Grassroots soccer.

“We are looking to create a child centered environment where the emphasis is behind the children having fun and falling in love with the game” Horton said. “At the present time 70 per cent of athletes are dropping out of sports at the age of 13 so we need to improve the environment at the Grassroots level to help that number decline. By creating an all-inclusive environment we are looking to help create better human beings, better athletes and better soccer players. Children should be allowed to play in a pressure free environment”

Jennifer Granger, a Club Development Coordinator then presented to the members on how clubs can collaborate in regards to personnel, skills and resources.

“If a club has a particular skill set, then what is wrong with another club being able to tap in to that expertise, especially at a time when finding volunteers is increasingly difficult” Granger said.

This led to lively discussion around clubs purchasing uniforms together from the same manufacturer in an effort to reduce the overall cost or clubs sharing technical services to help develop coaches and players while keeping the cost at a minimum.

Click here for more information on Grassroots soccer or email the department.

Click here for more information on Club Development or email Club Development Manager Matt Greenwood.