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Who We Are

Ontario Soccer

A Member Association of Canada Soccer, Ontario Soccer provides leadership and support programs and services to the membership in Ontario. This includes support to District Associations, Associate Members (Provincial, Regional Leagues, School Sports, Professional Clubs) as well as Clubs, Private Academies, Coaches and Match Officials. Ontario Soccer is the recognized Provincial Sport Organization for soccer with the province of Ontario’s Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.


  • Players: 271,887 (Outdoor) + 79,437 (Indoor)
  • Coaches: 16,548 
  • Referees: 8,140
  • Administrators: 25,000

Founded: 1901

Affiliation: Canada Soccer

President: Peter Augruso

Chief Executive Officer: Johnny Misley

Board of Directors:  12 Directors


  • 21 District Associations
  • 11 Associate Members

Annual Budget: $7.2 million (2021)  $12.5 million (2019 pre-pandemic)

Full Time Staff: 16 (2021)  42 (2019 pre-pandemic)

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