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Ontario Regional Excel Super Centre

Canada Soccer partnered with Ontario Soccer, Own the Podium, Sport Canada, the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario, and Bill Crothers Secondary School in Markham, ON, to launch its third Regional EXCEL (REX) Super Centre in January 2018. The REX Super Centres provide top youth talents with a centralised, daily training environment that supports Canada’s elite female youth players through advanced curriculum.

The players, aged U14 to U18, participating in Canada Soccer's Ontario Regional EXCEL Super Centre engage in a full-time program based upon national curriculum in a “best with best” environment. Training (and playing) five days per week while attending Bill Crothers Secondary School players accrue high-quality training hours while developing world-class attributes across the four corners of development as defined in Canada Soccer's Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) program.

Since the inception of the Women’s EXCEL System in 2014, player development has improved across all age groups, and a significant number of youth players having excelled towards Canada Soccer’s Women’s National Team, including bronze medalists Deanne Rose (Alliston, ON), Kadeisha Buchanan (Brampton, ON), Ashley Lawrence (Caledon East, ON), Rebecca Quinn (Toronto, ON), and Jessie Fleming (London, ON).Ontario has a history of producing young players who accelerate through the development system by demonstrating “Gold Medal Standards” at the highest levels. By implementing a National Curriculum to Ontario's top youth talents, the Canadian Women’s National Team will be better positioned to have a continued flow of players who have the technical and cultural understanding to allow them to succeed on the international stage. 

For a list of current Ontario REX Athletes, please click here.

Canada Soccer Women's EXCEL Program

As part of the Canada Soccer Pathway, the Women's EXCEL Program is designed to ensure more of Canada's exceptional young female players find their way into the best competitive environments, so that our Women's National Team is provided with a steady stream of players meeting high standards to keep us competitive on the world stage. For more information on Canada Soccer's Women’s National EXCEL Program, please click here.