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Ontario Soccer Research Program


Since 2015 Ontario Soccer has paid attention to and integrated within their operations, the importance of evidence based decision making or motivation to make a proven difference in soccer and in sport throughout Canada.

While Ontario Soccer has conducted or partnered in various soccer or sport research projects during this time, the organization has never formalized the concept of “research” into its day-to-day operations. 

Now in 2024 Ontario Soccer has launched a new research program, led by a Research Advisory Committee (RAC) with the mandate to manage and finance various research initiatives that support the growth, safety and development of the sport of soccer in Ontario.

The RAC is an Operational Committee under the oversight of the Chief Executive Officer. The Committee is responsible for assisting Ontario Soccer operations and the Board of Directors by providing counsel and research funding related to current and future research projects specifically related to the sport of amateur soccer in Ontario.

This new innovative research program involves a partnership with the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) and participating Ontario Universities operating sport related research.