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Programming Support & Feedback

Provincial Development Officers

Provincial Development Officers (PDOs) are individuals that are strategically located across the province to assist Clubs, Districts, Match Officials and all member with anything officiating related.  Their main area of concentration is assisting with Practical Clinic Sessions and LTOD Days.

Contacting Match Officials Program Staff

Please contact for any general inquiries.

Match Official Talent ID Process

As an integral component of the Long Term Officials Development strategic initiative, the Match Officials Development program has introduced a Talent Identification Reporting Process.If you see an official on the field that you feel has talent, we ask you to fill out the Talent Identification Survey by clicking 'Start Survey'.

Ontario Soccer staff cannot cover all fields every time there is a game and we feel that those with their fingers on the pulse of their community would be the best to identify potential talent. Once a name is provided via the survey, Ontario Soccer will forward the information to assignors and the District Referee Coordinator for follow up on the identified Match Official.

Club Technical Directors and/or technical leads are also encouraged to submit names. We also ask you to share this with your Club coaches.


Match Official Conduct Review Reporting Process

Ontario Soccer accomplishes its goals through the contribution of dedicated representatives who help others achieve success by participating at the Club, Academy, District or Provincial level. We believe that for the most part these representatives focus on the ideals of our programs, but from time to time, may be seen by their audience as disingenuous, or whose behaviour could be interpreted as less than desirable.

It is important that the Match Officials Development Department is made aware of these incidents and we encourage members to share this information by completing the Online Conduct Review Form via the link below.

This process will improve the ability of the Match Officials Development Department to respond consistently to concerns of stakeholders and ensure objective and appropriately established outcomes.

Please contact:  

Match Official Development Committee

The Match Official Development Committee advises the Match Official Department on all matters relating to refereeing in Ontario. The committee consists of 5-7 members, including a District Referee Coordinator (DRC), Club Head Referee (CHR) and members at large. 

Wayne Sharp

Chair, MODC | LKSA

Richard Bowden

MODC Member | PHSA

Matt McCready

MODC Member | EMSA

Tony Camacho

MODC Member | Southwest

Matt Ferreira

MODC Staff

Lowell Williamson

MODC Member | Southwest

Nicole Pagliaro

MODC Member | HDSA