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Provincial Xcel Program

U15 Girls, ON-QC Series, 2018

U14 Boys, ON-QC Series, 2018

The Provincial Program is available to all Ontario Soccer registered players who are competing at either an U14, U15, U16, or U18 age group.

The Ontario Provincial Development League (OPDL) is the primary venue in which potential Provincial Team Players are detected. There are however, alternative player detection options for those Ontario Soccer registered players who do not compete within the OPDL.

The Provincial Program will focus on player screening, talent identification and benchmarking of players through competition.

The U14, U15 and U16 Provincial Projects will take place from January to April. It will involve one weekend of three player screening weekends per month (January, February and March) and one preparation weekend and one inter-Provincial Teams competition in April.

It is at the inter-Provincial Competition in April where the Canada Soccer Excel Technical Staff will be present to scout the players for potential invite to Canada Soccer National Excel Environments.

2022 Provincial Schedule

To be Announced

2022 Inter-Provincial Competition Schedule

Provincial Xcel Showcase Ontario vs. Quebec Series - April 29, 30, May 1st      
Friday April 29          
5:00pm Soccer Centre Indoor U15 Boys Ontario   Quebec Broadcast
5:00pm Soccer Centre Outdoor U16 Boys Ontario   Quebec  
5:00pm Vaughan Grove Turf U15 Girls Ontario   Quebec  
7:15pm Soccer Centre Indoor U18 Boys Ontario    Quebec Broadcast
7:15pm Soccer Centre Outdoor U18 Girls Ontario    Quebec  
7:15pm Vaughan Grove Turf U16 Girls Ontario   Quebec  
Saturday April 30          
9:00am Soccer Centre Indoor U14 Girls U14 All Stars 2   U14 All Stars 1  
9:00am Soccer Centre Outdoor U14 Boys TFC Academy    U14 Ontario Soccer   
11:15am Soccer Centre Indoor U16 Girls Quebec   Ontario Broadcast
11:15am Soccer Centre Outdoor U15 Boys Quebec    Ontario  
11:15am Vaughan Grove Turf U16 Boys Quebec   Ontario  
1:30pm Soccer Centre Indoor U15 Girls Quebec    Ontario Broadcast
1:30pm Soccer Centre Outdoor U18 Boys Quebec    Ontario  
1:30pm Vaughan Grove Turf U18 Girls Quebec    Ontario  
Sunday May 1          
9:30am Soccer Centre Indoor U16 Boys Ontario   Quebec Broadcast
9:30am Soccer Centre Outdoor U16 Girls Ontario   Quebec  
9:30am Vaughan Grove Turf U15 Boys Ontario   Quebec  
11:45am Soccer Centre Indoor U18 Girls Ontario    Quebec Broadcast
11:45am Soccer Centre Outdoor U15 Girls Ontario   Quebec  
11:45am Vaughan Grove Turf U18 Boys Ontario    Quebec  
2:00pm Soccer Centre Indoor U14 Boys U14 Ontario Soccer   TFC Academy  
2:00pm Soccer Centre Outdoor U14 Girls U14 All Star 1   U14 All Stars 2  

2022 Provincial Teams

To be Announced