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Match Official Clinic Pre-Registration

Clinic Pre-Registration

In an effort to maximize efficiency, work flow and maintain organization throughout the Match Official Accreditation Clinic season, we have developed a new process that will help utilize our resources in a more productive manner. This will benefit the workflow and productivity for everyone involved.

Annually, we coordinate over 220 Clinics, the majority of which take place between the end of March through the end of May. This, at times, creates and overwhelming volume of clinics on one weekend (can average up to as many as 30/weekend). This heavy volume during one time period often stretches our resources. As a result, we are often forced to only assign 1 instructor per clinic, even though numbers dictate 2 instructors. These high volumes pose a challenge to produce and maintain a high quality of education for both the instructor and the student.

To help mitigate this challenge and improve the experience for all involved, we are introducing a “Clinic Pre-Registration” system. These new steps will allow Clubs and Districts to proactively reserve a date/weekend between February-June to host clinics. This “Clinic Pre-Registration” will provide us with the ability to evenly distribute clinics and eliminate the congestion while enable us to assign 2 instructors per clinic and still sustain each districts hosting average. This model will help us:

  • Keep instructors in their districts
  • Reduce administrative processing time
  • Increase student/instructor ratio
  • Increase the quality of education delivered.

This model will also allow us to assign more evaluators and develop a stronger instructor program by identifying those who wish to attain higher levels of instructor accreditation – a goal in which we wish to achieve through the LTOD program.

Each District will be allotted a specific amount of available spots they are able to reserve for each weekend between February-June. This was determined by analyzing the average number of clinics per Club/District over the past 3 years and the available qualified instructors. We have sourced a website to organize and track this process for free called ‘Eventbrite’. 

Links to access the registration page for each weekend and guidelines providing step-by-step instructions to pre-register for clinics have both been made available below.

Pre-Registration Clinic Registration Dates