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Competitive S4L Leagues

There are three levels of Competitive Soccer for Life within the Ontario Soccer' Pyramid for Play. In these environments a player may be required to train two-three times per week in addition to matches. Travel may cover an extensive area of the province.

Provincial Leagues



League1 Ontario sits as the highest level of soccer for Ontario-based players and is defined as a semi-professional league. League1 launched in 2014 and has expanded to include both male and female divisions. Below League1 Ontario is the Ontario Soccer League (OSL) for male players and for females the Ontario Women’s Soccer League (OWSL) exists. Both offer age divisions from U21 to Open Age players.


Below the OSL and OWSL are five Regional Leagues serving U-14 to Open Age divisions that promote teams into the OSL and OWSL. They serve many Clubs, predominantly in Southern Ontario with a handful of teams in the north also competing. From west to east these Regional Leagues are:

Western Region Soccer League
Golden Horseshoe Soccer League
East Region Soccer League


The youngest age that someone is described as a Soccer for Life player is at U13. At this stage a player is eligible to enter a District Competitive League or a District Recreational League. District Associations may offer both types of leagues independently or in collaboration with a neighboring District Association. These District Leagues can run from U-13 through to Open Age soccer. Teams are promoted from a District Competitive League to a Regional League subject to promotion/relegation policies. The group responsible for governance of this league will liaise with their respective Regional league to confirm promotion/relegation criteria each season. District Recreational Leagues can be thought of as large scale house league environments.


The Provincial Indoor Soccer League (PISL) is a provincial league operated by Ontario Soccer and DG Sports. PISL currently offers provincial divisions for U9 to U21