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Facts About Futsal

Futsal is the official FIFA and UEFA version of indoor 5 a side soccer and indeed the only internationally recognized small-sided game. There are proven benefits to playing futsal for the technical skill development of young players, with particular emphasis on the skills of passing, dribbling and close control. It is widely viewed as the ideal skill building environment for producing technically excellent football players.

Each year Ontario Soccer hosts the Ontario Futsal Cup.

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FIFA Futsal Coach Instructor Course

The Canadian Soccer Association in cooperation with FIFA delegates recently held a Futsal Coaching Course in Laval, Quebec with the aim of the advancement of the sport of Futsal in Canada.

The FIFA Futsal Coach Instructor course ran from 18 October to 22 October in Laval, QC. The course material was designed to prepare the participants to provide training to additional Canadian Futsal coaches. FIFA Instructor Constantine Konstin led 30 participants representing six Canadian provinces through the five day session.

“The course provided a great introduction for the game of Futsal into the Canadian Soccer Association structure,” said Ms. Beliveau. “The combination of expert instructors in the game of soccer and others in the game of Futsal created a great mix and a good model for sharing expertise.”