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Ahsanul Hafiz

Ahsanul Hafiz currently is a community business leader and franchisee owning and operating one of the largest pizza chains in the world, Domino's.

Ahsanul graduated from the University of Windsor and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and specializes in the areas of economics, statistics, finance, and business management. Ahsanul is very active as well in the not-for-profit community donating his time, food and financial support, assisting families in need. He is also involved in a number of fundraising projects.

Ahsanul is also very involved in various chambers of commerce, becoming the president of two Student Association Clubs, working as one of the largest Franchisees in Ontario, and was one of the pioneers to create his own cricket team.

A lifelong “soccer fan” created passion and great devotion in which allowed Ahsanul to attain the position of Regional Director. Ahsanul has sponsored over 12 sport teams in 2023 allowing him to be a financial support for their teams. These sponsorships allowed the teams to gain the necessary funds to expand their programs and leagues. Ahsanul is dedicated to participant inclusivity and using soccer as a vehicle for young players to develop life skills in becoming confident and successful community citizens.