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Tom Walsh

Tom Walsh has worked in the insurance industry for 25 + years. Tom’s experience spans the areas of risk management, internal fraud, policy creation and oversight, vendor selection and performance. Prior to entering the insurance industry Tom was a physical rehabilitation therapist working with people who had suffered life altering injuries because of a motor vehicle accident.

Tom continues to focus on the development of greater oversight in the selection, contracting and performance management of service suppliers. Throughout his career, Tom has led projects in the selection of service providers in the areas of software platforms, predictive analytics, rehabilitation clinics, engineering, and reconstruction contractors.

Tom has a long and vast history with soccer in Ontario. He started playing soccer at the age of 5 and continues to play today. He was lucky enough to compete in 2 Men’s Ontario Cup finals, unfortunately only winning 1 title. His coaching career in Hamilton spanned over 25 years, with 1 Ontario Cup final appearance. At the board level Tom started by being the technical lead for a small community club in Hamilton. His involvement in the administrative side of the game has seen Tom hold the positions of secretary of the Hamilton & District Oldtimers club, director of player and coach development, Vice President, and President all at the Hamilton Soccer district level.