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MilkUP Future Leaders Award - North: Massimo Marrone

As a longstanding member of the Greater Sudbury Soccer Club (GSSC), Massimo has fulfilled many roles over the last decade.

Starting as a grassroots player in the Club’s house league program, Massimo’s leadership credentials and work ethic saw him assuming a multitude of volunteer roles during his teenage years helping at the annual summer camp, as well as in the Club’s in-season evening grassroots programming. Massimo then added officiating to his growing resume placing his time and focus specifically on the small-sided games.

When it came time to support the Club with its return to play efforts, Massimo stepped up as a volunteer without hesitation to support the administration team bring as many participants back as possible. His valuable contributions led to him being hired as a GSSC summer employee.

In late 2020, Massimo’s father passed away unexpectedly. In the face of this tragic event in his life, Massimo persevered and graduated from St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School in Sudbury, Ontario, in June of 2021. He graduated as the top student and the recipient of the Governor General Award for highest graduating average (96%).

His academic prowess, coupled with his athletic contributions, really demonstrated his time management, well-roundedness, initiative, and work ethic. He has been praised for personifying values like inclusivity, respect, strong ethics and a sense of community. Notably, Massimo volunteers for Meals on Wheels (2 hours per week as a delivery driver).

Massimo demonstrates professionalism and respect on the frontlines of his club - whether it is in coaching, taking attendance for contact tracing on the field, answering the phone, and/or being a physical presence during office hours.

Academically, Massimo will be attending Laurentian University in Sudbury this fall, focusing his undergraduate studies in science and medicine.