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Meritorious Award - Jacques Konig

From his days as a recreational, then competitive coach in Quebec, to his time on the Board at the Club level, through to his ten years on the Board of the Toronto Soccer Association, Jacques has always focused on optimising the player experience.

For the past 10 years on the Board of the Toronto Soccer Association, including his time as League Director, Vice-President and President, Jacques has played an important advisory role in the implementation of the Ontario Soccer Long Term Player Development matrix as well as the initiative of a standards based approach to the District’s Development League. Jacques has also played an integral role in the Toronto Soccer Association being the first District Association to implement a formal Concussion Protocol within its Leagues.

In 2017, Jacques received the prestigious Senate of Canada Medal. The Medal commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the Senate’s first sitting and 1,500 Canadian citizens, nominated by individual Senators, are being honoured. The award is described by the Senate as given to those, “for their deep involvement in their communities and who - through generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work- make their hometown, community, region, province or territory a better place”.  

Jacques’ analytical, professional and inclusive approach to the challenges facing grassroots soccer is invaluable to soccer in Ontario. Jacques is a quiet unassuming leader who has guided his District through difficult times.  He has worked endless hours on the governance and administration of the game both in the central region and Ontario Soccer through his involvement in the District President’s Forum and the Academy Integration Work Group.

Making a great impact at the District Level, his time as President of Toronto Soccer Association will conclude in 2021, as he has assumed the role of Ontario Soccer Regional Director – Central, on the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors.

Jacques Konig was nominated by the Toronto Soccer Association.