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Meritorious Award - Allan Field

Allan began his soccer journey in 2004 as a volunteer managing his son’s Wexford SC Under 18 Ontario Youth Soccer League team. His involvement grew rapidly over time.  Before long, he was the Competitive Program Director at Wexford Soccer Club and was responsible for looking after more than 25 teams at the Club.  After doing this job for several years, he then became President of Wexford in 2014, a position he still holds today.

During that same time, he has also dependably volunteered at the Robbie. You can always find Allan at the field, helping out where he can, before The Robbie with advice and expertise.

Allan has served on the Scarborough Board Executive since 2006. He was a Director at Large and ran the Scarborough District League for a number of years. Allan is now the Secretary.

Allan became the Chair of the Ontario Soccer League Management Committee in 2015.  In 2017, when the League Management Committee merged with the Competitions Committee to become the Competitions Management Committee, Allan stayed on and in 2018, became the Committee Chair.  Allan’s understanding of League procedures combined with his familiarity as a participant and host in the Ontario Cup provides a wealth of knowledge and experience for the Committee.

Allan has also served on many Ontario Soccer discipline panels, providing sound advice and assisting in making decisions on cases that affect all levels of the game.

Allan always thoughtfully considers all aspects and angles when confronted with questions about the game or when asked to provided feedback on issues.  If he isn’t sure about something, he will always refer back to rules, regulations or operational procedures to help guide him with his responses.

Allan is a significant contributor in both Scarborough, and the province of Ontario. His steady nature, and easygoing attitude have provided the game of soccer with a friend for life.

Allan Field was nominated by the Scarborough Soccer Association.