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Diarmuid Salvadori

Nominated by Richmond Hill Soccer Club, the Coaches Development Award goes to Diarmuid Salvadori. 

Since 1996, Diarmuid Salvadori has been involved with the Richmond Hill Soccer Club in many capacities. He has coached at different age levels in both recreational and competitive leagues for both boys and girls. Other roles Diarmuid has held in the organization include Clinic Coordinator, Competitive Director, Director of Soccer Development and Vice President. Currently and since 2012, he serves as the President for the Richmond Hill Soccer Club. 

Diarmuid began his Coach education journey in 1990 and has continued to build his portfolio to support and enhance his coaching efforts over the years, with his most recent acquisition in 2019 of the Canada Soccer Children’s License.  He holds both the Ontario Soccer Provincial B License and the Canada Soccer National B License for Coaching. He has also earned the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma and KNVB Youth Coaching Diploma.

In 2001, Diarmuid Salvadori decided to take a coaching opportunity in Australia for a U18 boys team in the Amateur League Division 2. During this time, he obtained an Australian Intermediate coaching license and later the Australian Senior License.  Upon returning to Ontario, Diarmuid served on the Ontario Soccer Technical Advisory Committee and has also contributed to Ontario Soccer as a Learning Facilitator for Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learning To Train and Soccer 4 Life courses. 

Diarmuid’s love for coaching and his drive to continually build on his coach education shows the dedication for soccer and developing both coaches and players.