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Corrado Roccasalva

Corrado Roccasalva began, as most people do, volunteering with soccer, when his two boys began playing at a young age in 1999. Corrado’s passion led him to coach their teams and later managed their competitive teams. 

Corrado took a position on the Pickering Football Club Board of Directors 10 years ago, moving from Secretary to Vice President and then to President.  Corrado’s skills as a negotiator, planner, salesman and diplomat really shone through, as the Club achieved significant landmarks.  

From the Club’s early commitment to Club Excellence, where Pickering FC was an inaugural participant in 2007, the Pickering FC Board built on that strong foundation to acquire Ontario Player Development League status in 2013 and the year after, League1 Ontario status.  During that period Corrado worked closely with City of Pickering to first plan, and then build, the fully accessible, state-of-the-art Pickering Soccer Centre which the Club has called home since 2014. 

Since its opening in 2014 and under Corrado’s oversight as President, the Club has developed programs from Recreational to High Performance including a widely acclaimed accessible soccer program.   In 2019, the Club was awarded a Canada Soccer National Youth License, one of only 39 in Canada and a major achievement for a Club that Corrado proudly feels ‘does the right thing’.

The Club has been a major part of Corrado’s life for over 20 years and his energy, commitment and vision have put PFC in a fantastic position for the next 20 years.