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Appendix D - Nomination Form for a Position on the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors

The Ontario Soccer Board of Director Nominations are now open.

Any candidate who filed an Expression of Interest for the position of President, Vice President, Independent or Regional Director must now be nominated by District Members to be eligible for election and in accordance with Bylaw 2 Article 5f:

x. Nominations for President or Vice-President, when applicable, must be made by a Voting Member and supported by at least two other Voting Members.

xi. Nominations for a Regional Director must be made by a Voting Member in the Region that the Director represents.

xii. Nominations for an Independent Director may be made by any Voting Member.

Nominations must be submitted via Appendix D – Nomination form - to the Nominations Committee by Wednesday, May 22, 2019. 

Candidates who filed an expression of interest for a Designated Director position do not require the nomination of District Members.

The new Ontario Soccer Board of Directors is comprised of twelve (12) Directors including a President, Vice-President, five (5) Regional Directors, two (2) Independent Directors elected by the Voting Members, and three (3) Designated Directors recommended by the Nominations Committee.

The Nominations Committee is seeking qualified candidates who are able to contribute to an Association that reflects the values of inclusiveness, respect, integrity, high ethical standards, community building and is player-centred.

The Expressions of Interests by individuals are available on

If you have any further questions, please contact Eva Havaris, Chair of the Nominations Committee.