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Nancy Spotton - Keynote speaker

Nancy Spotton has made a career out of helping to develop professional leaders. Nancy is considered a relentless optimist and she has spent over 20 years working with the some of Canada’s top companies to help educate people on positive work culture.

She has a Master’s Degree from the University of Guelph in Leadership with other focuses streaming into Sport and Event Marketing.

She is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of MPWR, a talent incubator for millennials. 

MPWR test new and innovative people strategies that increase speed of development, can easily scale and create a culture of commitment. 

Using aggregated data from the 100's of top performers that they coach, MPWR are pioneering new ways of creating powerful talent development programs that inspire performance. 

MPWR is reinventing talent and HR with big data, machine learning using the world's #1 performance technology created for and used by Navy SEALs and Olympians for 4 decades.

They are talent centered, data driven and coach led. 

Watch Nancy's Play Inspire Unite Podcast