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Ontario Soccer is pleased to announce the Ontario Registered Academies (ORA) approved by the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors on March 1 for the 2019 season. 54 Academies are now part of the ORA program, with 40 Academies having renewed their ORA status from 2018 and 14 successful new applications.

ORA Academies have demonstrated an ability to meet technical and administrative standards set by Ontario Soccer. The program is designed to identify private academies within Ontario.

47 of the 54 Ontario Registered Academies have committed to participate in the Ontario Academy Soccer League (OASL) in 2019. The OASL is the only competitive Academy league in Ontario, and the only forum for Ontario Recognized Academies to receive full benefits (entitlements) within the Ontario Soccer sanctioned structure.

The 47 Academies committed to the OASL in 2019 are as follows:

ORA Tier 1 Academies

The 28 Academies listed below are Ontario Registered Academies (ORA) participating in the OASL as Tier 1 Academies. ORAs playing in the OASL have full entitlements with Ontario Soccer. 

ORA Tier 2 Academies

The 19 Academies listed below are Ontario Registered Academies (ORA) participating in the OASL as Tier 2 Academies. ORAs playing in the OASL have full entitlements with Ontario Soccer. 

Athlete Institute Academy               Genesis Football Academy    

BCN FC Ottawa Academy                GPS Academy   

BCN FC Toronto Academy               International FC Academy

Blue Devils Academy                        Kingston-Belleville FC Academy

Brampton Elite Soccer Academy    LM Premier Academy

Brampton FC Academy                    London Football Academy

Bryst Football Academy                   London TFC Academy

Burlington SC Academy                    AFC Southampton Academy

DeRo United Futbol Academy          Master's Futbol Academy

Chantilly Forever FC Academy         Northern Soccer Academy

DFC Academy                                     Premier Soccer Institute Academy 

Dutch Connections FC                       Prostars FC Academy

FC Durham Academy                         Rush Canada Soccer Academy

FOGO FC                                               Stella Rossa FC Academy

Berlin Football Academy (NEW)       NewStars Futbol Academy (NEW)

Brazilian Soccer Academy                 North York Academy (NEW)

BRI FC (NEW)                                       Prime Soccer Academy (NEW)

CAQ Soccer (NEW)                             RED Academy of Soccer (NEW)

First Touch FC (NEW)                         Sarnia Academy (NEW)

Gladiator Soccer Academy (NEW)   Shahph Puma Sports Club

Halton Hawks FC Academy               SSE 90     

Jarvis SC Academy (NEW)                 St. Jude's FC

KO Football Academy (NEW)             Supernova FC

Lakeshore United SA (NEW)                

Non-OASL Academies

Any organizations who were approved by the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors for the ORA program but opted not to play in the OASL for 2019 must register its players and team officials with Ontario Soccer. However, there will be limited conditions, including but not limited to:

  • No access to Ontario Soccer sanctioned Tournaments, Showcases, and Festivals
  • No access to Exhibition Games with Club teams and OASL Academy teams
  • No access to Ontario Soccer indoor programming
  • No access to Ontario Indoor Cup and Ontario Futsal Cup
  • No access to Ontario Soccer’s Insurance Program
  • No access to permits such as TAF, FAF, AHEG, TEP, Playing Out Permission, among others
  • No access to Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program

Ontario Soccer Clubs or Academies engaging in unsanctioned competition with the seven Academies noted below will be in breach of Ontario Soccer Operational Procedures.

The seven Ontario Registered Academies (ORA) that have opted not to participate in the OASL in 2019 are:

ANB Futbol

Canada First Academy

Eurostar Football Academy

Power FC

Sigma FC

Toronto Skillz FC

USC Academy

ORA Applications and Renewal

The Ontario Registered Academy (ORA) program will not be accepting new applications for 2020. A comprehensive review of the ORA program is currently underway and will continue over the next several months. This includes detailed evaluation of the OASL Pilot Project and further consideration of the Academy integration within the Ontario Soccer structure.

More information will be provided in 2020 when available.

Ryan Tuske

Senior Coordinator, Academies

Phone: 905-264-9390 Ext 229