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OPDL RFP Questions

Q: Can an organization apply to enter multiple age groups in OPDL in 2016?

A: No. OPDL is designed to build capacity in a cumulative fashion year over year. Organizations may only apply for a license for U13 teams in 2016 and U13/U14 teams in 2017.

Q: Can a District Association apply on behalf of multiple member organizations?

A: No. OPDL is open to any Ontario Soccer-affiliated youth soccer club or ORNCA-approved academy in good standing.

Q: If a Club chooses to use pre-approved fields for their home games, must they choose the field in advance, and if so, how are we to go about securing a facility for 2016?

A: No they don't need to have them booked, nor can they. They just need to be able to give reasonable assurance that they can book them when the time comes. This will occur during technical visit in the evaluation process, if they are shortlisted.

Q: The following questions are in respect of those soccer clubs who want to create a joint venture to apply for an OPDL license.:

  1. Do such soccer clubs have to incorporate a not-for-profit corporation and name it as the applicant; or can such soccer clubs enter into and operate the club under a joint venture agreement thus eliminating the need for incorporation.   
  2. Can such soccer clubs submit a binding letter of intent or memorandum of understanding which would require them to incorporate a not for profit corporation or enter into a joint venture agreement but only on the condition precedent that Ontario Soccer has approved the OPDL application?

A: An application to hold an OPDL License can only come from an existing, sanctioned club or ORNCA Academy in good standing with Ontario Soccer and MOUS between clubs with intentions to create an OPDL entity are not sufficient.

Q: Are OPDL license holders permitted to train their players in difference locations? Are there any residency rules on training locations?

A: There are no restrictions on where OPDL license holders train their players. multiple locations are permitted on the proviso that a strong technical rationale can support such a decision. if an applicant club/academy plans to train its OPDL squads in multiple locations, this should be stipulated in their application and it will be technically assessed accordingly by the OPDL Assessment & Selection Committee.