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MilkUP Ontario Cup Entry

Entry Rules & Entry Form

Please read the following Entry Rules and then click on the Entry Form button at the bottom.



Ontario Soccer will continue to carefully monitor the status of COVID-19 restrictions, and is prepared to make changes to the Ontario Cup format, as well as the dates, if necessary.

Please note that all teams in Under 13 to Under 17 divisions will be guaranteed to be scheduled for at least two games in the competition in a Knock-Out Format.  

All players in the Ontario Cup must be registered or transferred to the Club on or before July 31

The name of the competition shall be the ONTARIO CUP hereinafter referred to as "The Competition".

1. Divisions

The Competition shall be divided into the following divisions:

Note: Subject to age restrictions, a female player may play on a team in any one of the above divisions. Subject to age restrictions, a male player may only play on a team in either a Boys' or Men's division.

Requirements for teams entering “Under 16 divisions” are as follows:

Under 16 Division

  • team playing in Regional Leagues
  • teams playing in Competitive District Leagues have the option of playing in this division 

Under 16 District Division

  • teams playing in District Competitive Leagues. 

2. Team Eligibility

  1. The competition shall be open to all competitively registered youth and senior amateur teams whose clubs are affiliated with Ontario Soccer.
  2.  Club shall mean the Governing Organization that is affiliated to, and under the jurisdiction of a District Association and is established and operates in accordance with Operational Procedures Section 3.0 Organizations - Procedure 6.0 Clubs; organizes teams, registers all players, team officials and administrators of their organizations.
  3. A team playing in a Non-Amateur or Professional Soccer League is not eligible to participate in the Ontario Cup.
  4. A team which plays in an amateur league at a higher level than any other offered in Ontario, as determined by Ontario Soccer, may not enter the Ontario Cup.
  5. A team playing in the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) is not eligible to participate in the Ontario Cup.
  6. A team playing in League 1 Ontario or League 1 Reserves is not eligible to participate in the Ontario Cup.
  7. A team may only be entered in the division which matches the League age division that the team is playing in.  (Example: An Under 17 team playing in an Under 21 League must enter the Under 21 division of the Ontario Cup).
  8. Notwithstanding Rule 8., if there is no League division offered in a Team's age, and the team must play up a division or in a combined division, the team may enter the Ontario Cup in the division that matches the age the team is registered as.  (Example:  An Under 17 team playing in a combined Under 17/Under 18 League division may enter the Under 17 division of the Ontario Cup provided the team is registered as Under 17).
  9. Teams that are registered as "Tournament Teams" and are not playing in a League, must enter the Ontario Cup in the division in which they are registered.
  10. Notwithstanding Rule 8., if there is no division provided for a specific age/gender classification, the team will be permitted to enter the division for the next highest age division of the same gender, with the exception of the Under 13 Division. Team's that have an age/gender classification of Under 12 or lower, will not be permitted to enter the Competition.
  11. All team coaches and assistant coaches must have completed the:
    1. Respect in Soccer certification; and
    2. Soccer for Life course plus MED (Making Ethical Decisions).
    3. Making Head Way in Soccer
  12. All teams must have a minimum of two team officials listed on the Ontario Cup Entry Form, one of which must be a certified coach.
  13. All teams must have at least one team official registered to team that is the same gender as the players.
  14. If a team has entered another tournament on the same weekend as an Ontario Cup round, the team will be denied entry into the Ontario Cup competition. Note: Ontario Soccer Operational Procedures prohibit a team already entered in the Ontario Cup from entering a tournament scheduled the same weekend as any round of the Ontario Cup for its division.

3. Procedures

  1. Entry Deadline: Application to enter the Ontario Cup must be made on the Online Entry Form no later than March 31, 2022 and must include full team identification.
  2. Entry Fee is $400.00. Payment may be made with a credit card at the time the entry form is submitted online. Cheque or money order must be made payable to The Ontario Soccer Association and must be received by March 31, 2022. If a team has submitted an Online Entry Form before the deadline, but payment has not been received by the Ontario Soccer Provincial Office or a District Association Office by March 31, 2022 that team will be denied entry into the Competition.
  3. Divisions: The Ontario Cup will be played in each of the divisions listed above, provided there are a minimum of eight entries in the division.
  4. Club Approval: Each entry form must be approved by the team's Club. When a team or club completes the Online Entry Form and submits it, a copy will be sent to the team's Club. The Club must then forward approval to its District Association by no later than April 6, 2022. A team will not be entered in the Ontario Cup if its Club does not approve the Entry by the April 6, 2022 deadline.
  5. Uniforms: Teams participating in the Ontario Cup must have two uniforms of different colour at all Ontario Cup games to avoid colour conflicts. These uniform colours will be registered with Ontario Soccer.  Goal Keepers must also have two uniforms of different colours.

4. Format

1.  The Competition shall be organized in five (5) regions with a series of open draws.

The following is a regional breakdown of the District Associations.

Region A

Durham Region, Hamilton Soccer, Huronia District, Toronto, Niagara, North York, Peel Halton, Scarborough, Southwest Soccer, York Region

Region B

Elgin Middlesex, Essex County, Lambton Kent

Region C

East Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario and District, Southeast Ontario

Region D

Sault Amateur, Soccer Northeastern Ontario, Sudbury Regional, Soccer North Ontario

Region E

Soccer Northwest Ontario

2.  For each division, the competition shall consist of:

a) "single game knockout format"; or

b) a combination of "knockout format with a two game guarantee" and the "single game knockout format".

3.  For each division using the "knockout format with a two game guarantee", teams travelling more than 1000km will enter the competition in the Round following the Re-Entry Round and will forfeit the two game guarantee.

Travel Expenses: For a team traveling to and from Thunder Bay, Ontario Soccer will pay 60% of the air travel and the Club shall be responsible for the other 40% of the air travel and all other expenses. Teams traveling in excess of 1,000 km are eligible for this air travel subsidy.

6. No Shows & Withdrawals

Any team failing to fulfill its scheduled cup game (other than a tournament round) shall forfeit its entry fee and its club shall be subject to a set fine up to a maximum fine of $600.00.

7. National Club Championships

The winning teams in the Under 15 Boys, Under 17 Boys, Under 15 Girls, Under 17 Girls, Men's and Women's divisions shall represent the Province of Ontario in the National Club Championships. If any of these teams refuses to participate in the National Club Championships, its Club shall be fined $2,500.00.

Under 15 Boys and Girls National Championships will be held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Under 17 Boys and Girls in Surrey, British Columbia, and the Men's and Women's Championships will be held in Vaughan, Ontario.

8. Entry Procedure

Complete all sections of the Online Entry Form and submit by no later than March 31, 2022. For information or questions, please contact your District Ontario Cup Coordinator or District Association listed below.

District Code District Association District Association Office Address District Ontario Cup Coordinator
DT-00-05 Durham Region S.A. 221 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, Ontario L1G 4T1 
(905) 436-8620
Lesley Hicks
(905) 436-8620
DT-00-26 East Central Ontario S.A. 171A Rink Street, Suite 225
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 2J6 
(705) 876-0296
Fevri Pazari
(705) 760-1789
DT-00-07 Eastern Ontario & District S.A. 1660 Bearbrook Road
Gloucester, Ontario K1B 1C4 
(613) 233-6561
Nischala Chauhan
(613) 233-6561 
DT-00-15 Elgin Middlesex S.A. 295 Rectory Street
London, Ontario N5Z 0A3
(519) 668-2391
Jaime Earhart
(519) 668-2391
DT-00-09 Essex County S.A. 9655 McHugh Street
Windsor, Ontario N8P 0A8
(519) 979-9254
Stipe Botica
(519) 735-9678
DT-00-13 Hamilton Soccer 777 Garner Rd. E.
Ancaster, Ontario L9K 1J4 
(905) 383-0286
Frank Casale
(905) 516-5780
DT-00-18 Huronia & District S.A. P.O. Box WW02, 80 Bradford St.
Barrie, Ontario L4N 6S7 
(705) 739-6729
Nicole Pagliaro
(705) 716-5180
DT-00-30 Lambton Kent S.A. 455 Grand Avenue East, Unit 5
Chatham, Ontario N7L 1X4 
(519) 354-6257
Tony Cossa
(519) 312-5342
DT-00-20 Niagara S.A. 94 Dunkirk Road, Unit 6
St. Catharines, Ontario L2P 3H4 
(905) 984-8411
Teri Dunleavy
(905) 329-1872
DT-00-23 North York S.A. 75 Carl Hall Rd, 2nd Flr
Toronto, Ontario M3K 2B9
(416) 667-0550
Mandy Aparicio
(416) 712-8253 
DT-00-25 Peel Halton S.A. 6625 Kitmat Rd., Unit 46
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1N9 
(905) 890-1568
Patty Grassam
(905) 890-1568
DT-00-31 Sault Amateur S.A. 316 Elizabeth St. (Firehall)
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 6J3 
(705) 759-7272
Steve Mazzuca
(705) 941-8095
DT-00-32 Scarborough S.A. 45 Fairfax Cres.
Scarborough, Ontario M1L 1Z6 
(416) 285-8002
Sue Prohaska
(416) 285-8002
DT-00-28 Soccer North D.A. P.O. Box 296, 203-15 Cedar St. North
Timmins, Ontario P4N 7E2
(705) 262-3475
DT-00-34 Soccer Northwest Ontario 535 Chapples Dr., PO Box 20089
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7E 6P2
(807) 628-8780
Ken Pytyck
(807) 628-8780
DT-00-19 Southeast Ontario S.A. 35 Terry Fox Drive, Unit 201
Kingston, Ontario K7M 8N4 
(613) 546-6642
Kim Thurston
(613) 546-6642
DT-00-04 Southwest Soccer RPO Pioneer Park, PO Box 20076
Kitchener, Ontario N2P 2B4 
Daniel Rowe
(519) 894-5965
DT-00-36 Sudbury Regional S.A. 1639 Lasalle Blvd.
Sudbury, Ontario P3A 1Z8
(705) 525-0100
Tammie Thibault
(705) 562-9797
DT-00-17 Toronto S.A. 2700 Dufferin St., Unit 67
Toronto, Ontario M6B 4J3 
(416) 783-7515
Sophie Vayro
(416) 783-7515
DT-00-27 York Region S.A. 385 Connie Cres., Suite 101
Concord, Ontario L4K 5R2
(905) 660-3029
Antonietta Maione
(905) 660-3029

The above Entry Rules must be read by all Teams and Clubs before entering the Ontario Cup.

By submitting the Entry Form, you are agreeing to all conditions in the Entry Rules.

You are also agreeing to abide by the Competition Rules and administration procedures of the competition.

Welcome to the 2022 Ontario Cup Online Registration

Teams must register online for the 2022 Ontario Cup by March 31, 2022.

The Ontario Cup shall be open to all competitively-registered youth and senior amateur teams
whose clubs are affiliated with Ontario Soccer.

Teams must have permission from their club to enter the 2022 Ontario Cup.

Entry Form

2022 Ontario Cup Entry Form