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The Play Inspire Unite Podcast - Episode #7

By Staff, 12/03/18, 12:00PM EST


Steven Caldwell recently sat down to discuss the abundance of talent in Ontario, his World Cup experience and where he thinks soccer is in Canada currently

Play. Inspire. Unite.

The Play Inspire Unite Podcast is an interview series which features conversations with influential people from within Ontario Soccer and the Ontario Soccer membership. Discussing issues which impact the province, it's designed to highlight the work of those who are showing us how to Play, Inspire and Unite others in our community. 

This week on the podcast, TV Personality, Steven Caldwell joins us to discuss his experience during the 2018 World Cup behind the desk, his view of player development in Ontario and Canada and what he thinks our next steps should be as we head into the "runway" period of the 2026 World Cup.

Topics and Timestamps

1:35 - What was your 2018 World Cup experience like from behind the desk?
4:14- What was your favourite World Cup moment?
6:44 - What kind of mindset does it take to come back in the sport of soccer after you’ve hit a wall?
9:06 - What kind of advice can you offer our Ontario Soccer membership when times get tough?

11:46 - When you retired, how did you envision the second act of your career?
14:40 - What kind of impact are you hoping to make in the Ontario Soccer Community?
16:41- what does our national landscape look like during the 2026 World Cup?
19:17 - how close are we as a nation to achieving our soccer goals?

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