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The Play Inspire Unite Podcast - Episode #6

By Staff, 11/03/18, 10:00AM EDT


The Match Official Department sat down to discuss the issue effecting officials in this province, how LTOD is being received in the community and addresses misconceptions about what they do

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

The Play Inspire Unite Podcast is an interview series which features conversations with influential people from within Ontario Soccer and the Ontario Soccer membership. Discussing issues which impact the province, it's designed to highlight the work of those who are showing us how to Play, Inspire and Unite others in our community. 

This week on the podcast we are joined by the entire Ontario Soccer Match Official department including, Manager, Nicky Pearson and Match Official Development Coordinators, Kyla Di Perna and Luis Paredes to talk about the making of LTOD, its future and how it can help change the game in Ontario.

Topics and Timestamps

1:13 - What is your professional background and what drives you now?

2:43 - What is the biggest feedback you’re hearing on the ground?

4:18 - Where do you see LTOD heading in the next couple of years?

6:17 - Why is LTOD so important to Match Official Development in Ontario?

8:30 - What is LTOD going to look like province-wide in 5-10 years?

11:25 - How do you work through the misconceptions around what it takes to be a Match Official?

13:11 - What programs do you spearhead that people generally may not know about?

14:46 - What in the Match Official realm would you like to see change?

Quick Clips