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Webinar - A Culture of Excellence: Turning Core Values into Core Behaviours

By Staff, 09/24/18, 1:30PM EDT


Coach Reed, Chief Content Officer and Lead Presenter for Changing the Game Project, hosted a webinar on October. 11

Play. Inspire. Unite.

What does it mean to create a culture of excellence with your teams and club? Many times we talk about values-led cultures, but implementing them is another beast. Coach Reed Maltbie will take the various psychological components and elements of his Warriors, Not Winners Presentation and distill them into practical and easy to implement steps for starting your own culture of excellence today. 

Coach Reed is Chief Content Officer and Lead Presenter for Changing the Game Project. He has also recently partnered with world-renowned Child Development expert, Dr. Jane Nelson, to create Positive Discipline Tool Cards for Coaches (based on nearly 40 years of teacher and parent education). 

The tool cards ( and his complementary workshops and training programs on quality coaching education and character development have been implemented as part of a partnership with nearly 200 Soccer Shots Franchises across North America and he is in talks with US Lacrosse and US Sailing to roll out coach education and culture building with them as well.

With nearly 30 years of experience as an educator/coach and two Master's degrees (Sport Psychology and Early Childhood Education), he has a wealth of practical experience and scientific research that he draws on to help others lead athletes to excel beyond the game.

Since the release of his 2015 TEDx talk “Echoes Beyond the Game”, he’s become a trusted educator, advisor, and speaker to sports organizations all over the world.

Coach Reed is a firm believer that youth sport’s ultimate role is to develop excellent people with valuable life skills and strong values. He has had the honour to work with sports organizations all over the world, ranging from grassroots to elite level, helping them become more effective at performance-based communication, building Champion cultures, and creating ironclad mindsets to succeed in and beyond the game.

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