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The Play Inspire Unite Podcast - Episode #1

By Staff, 07/16/18, 11:15AM EDT


Dave Kelly, Ontario Soccer Manager of Coaching Development, sits down to discuss the issues impacting coaches in the province and share a little bit more about himself

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

The Play Inspire Unite Podcast is an interview series which features conversations with influential people from within Ontario Soccer and the Ontario Soccer membership. Discussing issues which impact the province, it's designed to highlight the work of those who are showing us how to Play, Inspire and Unite others in our community. 

This week, Dave Kelly, the Ontario Soccer Manager of Coaching Development, sits down to talk about the challenges coaches face, discusses why travel restriction rules exist in the province and shares what he would change in Ontario if given the opportunity.

Topics and Timestamps

0:59 - What is your professional background?

1:48 - How did you get into soccer?

3:05 - What is the Regional Manager role all about?

4:18 - What is a typical week like for a Regional Manager?

5:40 - What has your experience been like thus far as the Manager of Coach Development

9:33 - What are the details behind the Ontario Soccer travel restrictions?

11:17 - Why was the travel rule established?

12:49 - What are the biggest misconceptions about Ontario Soccer?

13:51 - What kind of challenges do Ontario coaches face?

16:09 - How do we gain further support for LTPD?

17:09 - How do we further empower our coaches?

18:31 - Where does your passion for soccer lie?

19:31 - What is the biggest change in Ontario Soccer you wish to see?

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