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Grassroots Practices You Can Use - Fundamentals (Week 60)

By Staff, 03/13/18, 10:30AM EDT


The objective of this session is for players to be able to shoot on target and score

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

The Player Development department continues to put together a practice for coaches to use with their players across the province. 

Each week will focus on one of the three LTPD development stages at the Grassroots level, which includes Active Start, FUNdamentals, and Learn to Train. 

In this week's session, the Player Development department has focused on the Fundamentals level. 

The objective of this session is for players to be able to shoot on target and score.

Players will begin working on physical literacy themed with characters from the Ferdinand movie.

Farmers must round up the bulls after scoring a goal in this modified game of freeze tag. 

After this, they will go into a 2v2 small sided game where there is ample opportunities to score goals.

From here, players will go in to another Ferdinand themed activity where they must avoid being tagged by 'El Primero' and his bullfighters to score as many goals as possible. 

Players then finish off in a 4v4 game that is as close to the rules and regulations as they play on game day to have the ultimate challenge of using this skill to be successful in a game

Download this week's Grassroots Practice