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To help lead and deliver LTOD across the province over 2018 and the following years

By Staff, 02/13/18, 10:15AM EST


Play. Inspire. Unite.

A five-year strategic initiative, Long Term Officials Development (LTOD) is now an integral component of the Operational Plan of the Soccer Operations Department. LTOD will provide a standards-based education and development program, through strong leadership, inclusivity and support. 

All aspects of the Match Official Development Program will be strengthened, as Development Support Team members, Match Officials and the game will benefit from a groundbreaking development and training program. 

To help lead and deliver LTOD across the Province over 2018 and the following years, we are pleased to introduce the LTOD Provincial Development Officers (PDO) and your Learning Management System Creation (LMS) team. 

The PDOs have attended training sessions and are regularly involved in LTOD information sharing, and truly understand and support the LTOD program.

The PDOs will be seen across the Province in 2018 scouting and identifying talent.  One of the first projects is the Frank Sobil Tournament in Durham Region May 5, 6 and 12, 13.  They are also available for LTOD Information sessions, to answer any LTOD questions, and to act as a point of LTOD contact in your area, along with your District Referee Coordinator.

PDOs will also be overseeing, and assisting in the organization of LTOD Camp Days across the Province.  These camp days consist of 2 hours of practical and 2 hours of classroom education to which all match officials are invited.  Keep an eye on your District website or

The LMS Team are taking the results of the Baseline testing and creating education modules that will service the whole officiating community – from Grade 1 to Grade 10.  These modules will include online, in-class, fitness and practical training.  Also new will be the soft skills – Self Confidence, Professionalism, Report Writing and more.


Patty Peebles, SWRSA/HDSA/North   

Chris Wade, EODSA/SOSA

David Smith, EODSA/SOSA                                     

Abbi Lezizidis, EMSA

Wayne Sharp, LKSA                                                 

Matt McCready, EMSA

Angelo Gertsakis, ECSA                                          

Mike Smith, ECOSA/DRSA

Lou Braida, NSA                                                       

Tim Teagle, NSA

Scott Bowman, HamDSA                                       

Lowell Williamson, SWRSA

Vlad Haltigin, PHSA                                                 

Pasquale De Luca, TSA/NYSA

Ashley Marshall, YRSA                                           

LeRoy Ahyee, SSA

Lucky Boothe, SSA                                                   

Brian Butler, TSA/NYSA

 Richard Bowden, PHSA                                           

 Mark Doubrough, HDSA                            

 Kuizan Weekes, SSA – Fitness Leader                   


Lead:  Phil Moore, National Instructor

Project Manager: Sarah Rauer, PHSA


Ridha Ben-Rejeb                                                 

Cory Burke                                               

Charlie Ebbs

Dereck Farwell                                                     

Vlad Haltigen                                           

Marc Henoud

Abbie Lezizidis                                                    

Ashley Marshall                                     

Tamara Reitsma

Chris Spencer                                                      

Albert Wielinga                                       

Lowell Williamson

Matt McCready