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Grassroots Practices You Can Use - Learn to Train - Dribbling (Week 53)

By Staff, 09/25/17, 4:45PM EDT


This week focuses on 1 v 1 attacking transition

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

The Player Development department continues to put together a practice for coaches to use with their players across the province.

Each week will focus on one of the three LTPD development stages at the Grassroots level, which includes Active Start, FUNdamentals, and Learn to Train.

In this week's session, the Player Development department has focused on the Learn to Train level. 

This session is all about players thinking quickly and being able to identify overloads and under loads and how to transition quickly.

The session begins with Connect 4 which focuses on the players Physical Literacy. Quick decision making on an ever changing environment is essential for the session focus.

The players then play the 2v2 overloads and under loads activity where players have to react quickly as soon as they have scored or conceded a goal. After that, the players play the transition game where an attack starts in a 1v1 scenario and build all the way via 2v1, 3v2 and 4v3 scenarios to a 4v4.

This is finished off with a normal rules game where the players then have to apply what they have learned in their normal game environment.

Download this week's Grassroots Practice