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In It for the Long Term - Featuring: Nick Vagenas

By Staff, 09/25/17, 3:45PM EDT


Talking with match officials about their development

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

A five-year strategic initiative, the Long Term Official Development (LTOD) program is now an integral part of what Ontario Soccer delivers.

LTOD will provide a standards-based education and development program, through strong leadership, inclusivity and support. 

As part of that, the In It For The Long Term series puts a focus on the match officials who are dedicated to their role and are taking their development seriously. 

This week, In It For The Long Term speaks with Nick Vagenas, a Grade 8 match official from York Region. 

Tell us a little about why you wanted to become a match official?

It started when I was in grade 8, I would referee my friends playing soccer during recess. I made my own yellow and red card and bought a cheap whistle from the dollar store. My mom had seen me making the cards and found out that my home club was accepting new referees and I immediately signed up to take the entry level course. 

How has calling games in OPDL helped to improve your performance as an official?

OPDL games tend to be a lot quicker so I find that I’m running more, I have to react to various situations within a split second. 

Tell us a little about why you wanted to become a match official?

In some games that I had I was lucky enough to have mentors come out and watch me call the game and then give me some positive feedback, along with some areas for improvement. 

What would you like to achieve as a match official and how are you working to achieve that?

My goal is to reach the National and or FIFA level as a match official. I hope to achieve that goal by doing various fitness training, learning the laws of the game more extensively and getting as much feedback as I possibly can. 

How do you see LTOD helping you advance as a Match Official?

LTOD will help match officials by giving them more education, fitness modules and various recourses to help further the referee.   

Learn more about Long-Term Match Officials Development

If you want to learn more about LTOD and what it could mean for your development as a match official, visit the LTOD section on the Ontario Soccer website. 

Nick  Vagenas

Nick Vagenas

Grade 8 District Official | York Region