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The OPDL Spotlight Series - Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club

By Staff, 09/18/17, 10:45AM EDT


This week features comments from David Thorburn, Technical Director for WISC

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

The OPDL Spotlight Series, presented by Toronto FC, highlights stories, teams and initiatives from around the league. 

This week features comments from David Thorburn, technical director of Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club (WISC).

The WISC has been a member of the OPDL from day one and being part of this high performance program requires a support team at every department, which allows for the smooth running and successful development throughout  the club, for  players, coaches, referees, administrators and volunteers. This club team approach has helped the WISC instill a feeling of belonging to the club as one.

How does your organization attract and foster talent?

With over 30 years experience in professional soccer as players, coaches, managers and chief scouts, and working extensively in Scotland and England with many top coaches and clubs. The key factors to attracting, retaining and developing talented young players has several components including our coaches’ development programs, development pathway, facilities and positive role models.

How does your organization create the best environment to develop players in accordance with OPDL standards?

From active start to soccer for life, the development approach for the WISC uses several methods of development, including individual player development programs which involve self-development through home practice. All programs follow the Ontario Soccer preferred method and also introduce other methods like street soccer and small group style practice in the form of the Coerver program. There is also an emphasis on coach development, player development, team development, which with the use of deliberate practice translates to club development. 

How are players/coaches/administrators/match officials motivated to achieve their best performance?

The WISC has a development pathway throughout the program that involves coaches, players, volunteers and staff development, that help ensure that all involved are constantly evolving and developing within the club. The club has had some fantastic player development stories achieving selection to the Canadian National program. Additionally, the new state-of-the-art dome which will be completed by October 2017, helps all involved understand that the WISC is moving forward on all fronts. 


As the Technical Director of the Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club I have been involved in the OPDL program from day one. This exciting new high performance program has not only helped promote the WISC standing in the province, but has helped raise the standard of coaching and player development throughout Ontario, by producing better players and more qualified coaches.

David Thorburn

David Thorburn

Technical Director, WISC