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The OPDL Spotlight Series - Markham SC

By Staff, 07/24/17, 1:15PM EDT


This week features comments from Melissa Lamanna, a player with their 2001 Girls OPDL team

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

The OPDL Spotlight Series, presented by Toronto FC, highlights stories, teams and initiatives from around the league. 

This week features comments from Melissa Lamanna, a player with their 2001 Girls OPDL team.

How has OPDL impacted your organization?

The Markham Soccer Club has been a part of the OPDL since the beginning when it was first introduced, and has been a part of the program ever since.

As a player who has only played with the Markham Soccer Club since I was 5-years-old, I was able to witness first hand the growth and development of the club into the strong soccer family it is today.

Being an OPDL player of four years has given me the chance to be a part of the changes it has brought to the Markham Soccer Club. Licensed coaching staff has replaced the parent-coaches, allowing for a more professional and developmental club environment.

I have watched the program inspire young soccer players both male and female to strive for the best and reach their full potential in hopes of one day playing in the OPDL.

I have witnessed coaches and players of different ages and teams bond closer and become a tighter unit.

The Markham Soccer Club has grown tremendously through its involvement with the OPDL and continues to thrive as its association with the program remains.

How does your organization attract and foster talent?

The Markham Soccer Club, through its many successes, has continued to attract and foster talent.

As the club has grown, so have the many victories and accomplishments for the club, and with these many achievements comes a surplus of new players interested in partaking in the many enjoyable experiences the Markham Soccer Club has to offer.

As new players become part of the Markham family, our success only grows through the amount of time, effort, and dedication put into maintaining these titles that Markham holds, and ensuring that the players are at the best level they can be, resulting in enormous amounts of talent and dedication among athletes.

The Markham Soccer Club attracts and fosters talent through its continuing success stories, and the determination and desire of all players to be their best selves and work their hardest to achieve these successes.

How does your organization create the best environment to develop players in accordance with OPDL standards?

The Markham Soccer Club is a well known organization with a very welcoming environment, attracting players and providing a safe, comfortable place for players to become the best players they can be.

Through weekly training in professional environments, the Markham Soccer Club effectively develops players in the best way possible.

On top of helping the players improve through training, the licensed coaching staff also ensures that the players are coached to play with the best sportsmanship, and to treat every opponent with respect and kindness, while still instilling a drive to win and compete in every player.

The required training standards are met every week, allowing the players to have a consistent training schedule where they will observe the best results in their development.

How are players/coaches/administrators/match officials motivated to achieve their best performance?

Players and coaches are motivated to achieve their best performance in order to reach their own personal goals.

Coaches at the Markham Soccer Club especially strive to help players achieve their best performance through training.

Players are motivated to achieve their best performance in order to reach their goals, whether that be playing for the provincial or national teams, or obtaining a scholarship.

Athletes always strive to reach their best performance, and once that level is reached, they can go anywhere and do anything they wish, which motivates them even more.


Melissa Lamanna has played solely with the Markham Soccer Club since she was five years old, starting in house league and moving up through rep to the OPDL, and now play on the 2001 girls OPDL team. She now has obtained a full scholarship to Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, a fully-funded NCAA D1 school in the United States.

Melissa  Lamanna

Melissa Lamanna

Player with Markham SC 2001 Girls OPDL team