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The OPDL Spotlight Series - North Mississauga SC

By Staff, 07/04/17, 12:45PM EDT


This week features comments from Sam Medeiros, High Performance coach at NMSC

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

The OPDL Spotlight Series, presented by Toronto FC, highlights stories, teams and initiatives from around the league. 

This week features comments from Sam Medeiros, High Performance Coach at North Mississauga SC. 

How has OPDL impacted your organization?

North Mississauga Soccer Club has been a part of the OPDL for two years now. NMSC is grateful to have such dedicated technical directors, head/assistant coaches, team managers, nutritional and fitness specialists, licensed coaches, goalie coaches, game coordinators, and volunteers to ensure the program is a success.

OPDL has helped NMSC increase the quality of play by ramping up the commitment to player development, parent awareness, and team sponsorships that will help the club grow.

How does your organization attract and foster talent?

The North Mississauga Soccer Club uses a variety of ways to attract and foster talent. The club has a COE program that targets players from 8-12 years of age. The pre-OPDL training, joint sessions, and summer/fall camps help the players get a taste of what high-performance really is.

Our trainers and coaches are encouraged to obtain national license certifications to enhance the quality of training provided to these young players.

NMSC believes that coaching and player development is essential to the organization. This development starts from grassroots in House League and remains consistent as the player/coach gains experience.

How does your organization create the best environment to develop players in accordance with OPDL standards?

North Mississauga Soccer Club creates an ideal environment to develop players by introducing the importance of fitness and nutrition. Soccer can be a physically demanding sport, making fitness and nutrition a key component to young players who are still developing their game.

NMSC also offers "creative sessions" that help foster creative players. Creative players are given the opportunity to enhance their style of play and think outside of the box. This allows leadership to emerge from training as the game becomes the teacher.

How are players/coaches/administrators/match officials motivated to achieve their best performance?

At the North Mississauga Soccer Club everyone is motivated to achieve their best performance possible. There is an empowering theme provided to the players, coaches, administrators, and match officials on a daily basis.

NMSC knows how important it is to give kids the opportunity to follow their dreams and achieve the highest level of performance. It is exciting to think that one day these players will be the future of tomorrow!


Sam Medeiros is a high-performance coach at NMSC. He has been involved in soccer for 25 years and comes from a highly diverse background. While Sam is new to the NMSC family, he has been involved with OPDL since its inception. Sam is excited to develop new, young talent as well as up and coming coaches that will help build the future of the OPDL.

Sam Medeiros

Sam Medeiros

High Performance Coach, North Mississauga