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The OPDL Spotlight Series - Hamilton United Elite S.C.

By Staff, 06/12/17, 4:45PM EDT


This week features a look at Hamilton United Elite S.C. with comments from one of its U-16 players

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

The OPDL Spotlight Series, presented by Toronto FC, highlights stories, teams and initiatives from around the league. 

This week features a look at Hamilton United Elite S.C. with comments from Lauren Ziemer, a member of their U-16 Girls team. 

How does your organization attract and foster talent?

Hamilton United Elite Soccer Club attracts talent by having high level coaching staff and a healthy environment for the players to train in. 

The atmosphere of our club is very positive and we have a lot of fun while developing and reaching our highest potential in a very competitive environment.  

How does your organization create the best environment to develop players in accordance with OPDL standards?

Our coaches follow the OPDL practice guidelines, we warm up and cool down with FIFA 11 + at every game and train on high quality fields.

We get feedback and encouragement from our coaches to help develop our skills and improve.

How are players/coaches/administrators/match officials motivated to achieve their best performance?

Through feedback and player report cards, we are encouraged to keep getting better and perform our best in every game and practice. 

My team has had many players identified for the provincial program over the years and two were selected for Team Ontario this year.

What words come to mind when you think of OPDL?

When I think of OPDL I think of high level training and competition and I think about all the great friendships I have made over the past four years.  

What makes being a part of OPDL fun?

Spending quality time with my team, playing some of the best competition in Ontario and having fun while becoming a better soccer player.

Who is your favourite player and why?

Kadeisha Buchanan because she is an awesome defender and I am a defender. 

What can’t you play without?

I can't play without my girls on my team and my compression shorts.

Where do you want to play for one day?

One day I would love to play for a University squad. 


Lauren Ziemer has been playing soccer since she was 6-years-old. She has been playing for Hamilton United Elite S.C. since the inaugural season of the OPDL in 2013 and currently plays on the U-16 Girls team.  This season she is most excited for our team to be a top competitor in the league and to show well with her team.

Lauren Ziemer

Lauren Ziemer

Hamilton United Elite S.C., Defender