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The OPDL Spotlight Series - Ottawa South United

By Staff, 05/23/17, 10:15AM EDT


This week features Ottawa South United and comments from Paul Harris, OSU Technical Director


Ottawa South United has been an OPDL club since its inception in 2014. This year, OSU has also joined League1 Ontario to add an additional critical link in their player pathway.  

As a club, being part of the OPDL has further increased the technical staff that OSU employs, which work with the OPDL teams, as well as throughout the club with all OSU players.

The club continues to see the positive effects of investing in their coaching staff.

How does your organization attract and foster talent?

OSU is one of the biggest clubs in Canada with over 6,500 registered players.

From this community base we have the ability to produce good quality teams at all age groups and genders.

Coupled with this, our success with players moving forward into higher level environments such as professional soccer, national teams, provincial teams and university scholarships, players often want to join our organization to take the next step in their soccer.

OSU has invested in staff and has put together some of the best coaches in the country to focus on player development.

How does your organization create the best environment to develop players in accordance with OPDL standards?

We create the best environment through high quality facilities and coaches for our players.

We continue to invest in coaching education and ensure our staff are aligned in individual player success.

Our club recognizes the value and education each coaches contributed towards a players eventual success in the game.

How are players/coaches/administrators/match officials motivated to achieve their best performance?

OSU players staff and administrators remain focused in wanting to be one of the best clubs in Canada.

From this, we seek to gain provincial and national recognition for the development of players, coaches and match officials.

Along with the successes of our players, we have also seen some of our coaches improve their qualifications and gain promotions which is important to us.


Paul Harris is theTechnical Director at Ottawa South United. A major part of his role is through the Center of Excellence program. It provides me with a chance to work with every OPDL team, once a week, delivering their training. It also helps to monitor the age groups within U-9 to U-12 to ensure their development is on track for future provincial play.

Paul  Harris

Paul Harris

Ottawa South United, Technical Director