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OSA President’s Message - YSLO

By OSA News, 01/19/15, 8:30PM EST


It has been brought to the attention of The OSA that the Youth Soccer League of Ontario (YSLO), a non OSA affiliated soccer organization and league, is making reference to The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) in their recent publications and documents.

As I am frequently contacted with regard to this issue, I wanted to connect with you to remind everyone that participation with unsanctioned soccer organizations is a violation of The OSA’s published rules. For those Clubs that wish to participate in an unsanctioned environment, appropriate action will be taken from a discipline perspective.

The OSA believes that it is important for all clubs, referees, coaches, administrators, parents, guardians and players to be aware that the YSLO is in fact not a recognized OSA organization or league and therefore its players are not subject to the benefits of OSA membership.

Participating in sanctioned tournaments, specifically tournaments sanctioned by members of FIFA require that the team/club be a member in good standing with their own National Association (CSA) in order to participate. YSLO does not meet this requirement nor do their participant club/teams.

The OSA offers benefits with respect to membership which include coaching development, referee development, player development, club excellence standards, volunteer screening, organizational development and an identified pathway for National team honours.

Further information related to these services can be found on the OSA website.

With respect to officiating, all officials within the OSA are certified by the OSA with respect to their officiating duties. The YSLO does not have authorized access to these certified OSA officials.

If an accident were to occur and such accident correlates to a decision or inability of an official to control a soccer game, the official may be deemed negligent and liable as they have not met the standard of care required of an official.

In addition to officials, it is important to note that the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) has stated that players who participate in unsanctioned leagues, including YSLO activities, are ineligible for national team programs through our Club/Academy (Ontario Registered Non-Club Academies) system.

The intent of this letter is to inform the public, OSA Clubs and our Membership, to ensure that there is no confusion with regard to the YSLO. The YSLO is not a member of The OSA or part of our CSA family.