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Grassroots Soccer – What The Children Said

By OSA News, 07/15/14, 11:00AM EDT


The following quotes are taken directly from the information gathered from male and female grassroots players from around the province. A grassroots survey was conducted with over 1,000 players, aged 8-12 years.

Many of the children’s comments are very insightful and intelligent.

When asked; “if you could, what would you change about soccer” some of the responses include;

  • “I would change keeping players in the same positions, because when you play different positions you can experiment”
  • “That if the ball goes out of play the ref has to go and get it”
  • “I would like to change that our parents could not yell at us”
  • “no referees” “No offside, no penalties, no free kicks”

What about soccer is your most favourite thing? Some responses were;

  • “scoring goals and hanging with my friends”
  • “having fun and to be with my friends”
  • “improving my moves that make me better”
  • “learning and getting better”

When asked what your least favourite thing about soccer is, the kids replied;

  • “when people brag and also people yell”
  • “when you’re on defence and you can’t score”
  • “when the coaches and others yell at you”
  • “parents telling you what to do all the time”

If you could give your coach or parents any soccer advice what would it be?

  • “parents must remain calm and save their opinions until after the game”
  • “I think coaches and parents are way too caught up in winning titles that they forget to focus on improving their players”
  • “make sure that everyone gets to play all positions”
  • “stop correcting me when I make a mistake”
  • “when doing drills, not wait around so much. I like a break, but not a 2 minute one. Maybe get 2-3 drills going at the same time”

Other comments from the children included

  • “no adult has ever asked me what I think about soccer, thanks for asking”
  • “The parents need to bring better snacks for after the games”