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Playing From The Back And Why We Do It

By OSA News, 11/18/14, 10:30AM EST


Many of you are aware the OSA Grassroots Soccer Development department introduced the Retreat Line tool across the province in 2014.

The Retreat Line has been put in place to encourage and allow the young grassroots players to play the ball out from the back, improve technical/Physical/Emotional and Psychological skills, and teach a possession style of soccer.

A few districts had previously implemented the Retreat line and were already seeing the many benefits that it provides to the young players.

Following successful District Technical meetings, held in spring and fall of 2014 and a summer of observation and analysis of the Retreat Line in action across the province, the District Technical group agreed upon the details of the Retreat Line implementation as we move forward into summer of 2015.

Click below for a presentation explaining the Retreat Line and the many benefits including practices to help teach playing from the back. 

Click below for a document that captures the basic elements and the implementation of the Retreat Line 

Or listen to a retreat line podcast here.  For further information on the retreat line please contact the Grassroots Department