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A Key Message On OPDL Structure

By OSA News, 05/06/14, 6:15PM EDT


What is the OPDL? Why should players become part of the program? 

The answers to both questions are correlated. The vision of the OPDL is defined as “Ontario’s best players are given the opportunity to reach their full potential” and is supported by its mission statement – “To help Ontario’s soccer best become their best”. 

Both the vision and the mission statement speak to the core principles of the OPDL:

  • Athlete-centric approach 
  • Standards-based environment 
  • High-level training and coaching excellence

The OPDL moves the focus in youth soccer to developing players through a combination of heightened training, regular competition amongst talented players and the introduction of sport science and sport medicine components.

The OPDL is intrinsically linked to provincial talent development and national talent development. OSA Talented Pathway technical staff will be actively involved in working with club coaches to develop OPDL players and in monitoring player development and performance on OPDL game days in centralized venues.

The OPDL provides a genuine high-performance development environment to the player which is supported by the 4-corner approach of player development and includes the technical philosophy alignment with the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). Players will experience top level competition in a centralised identification environment. This ensures alignment with both the OPDL mission statement and the strategic technical direction of the provincial (OSA) and national (CSA) governing body.

For more information contact:
Mirco Schroff | OSA Technical Director | 905-264-9390 |