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OPDL Key Message – Training

By OSA News, 05/27/14, 6:15PM EDT


What is important to know with regards to OPDL training?

The OPDL training environment accounts for 75-80 per cent of overall activity within the development program. These training environments ensure consistency with regards to the four-cornered approach of player development. Hence, training within the OPDL focuses on the following aspects:

  • Technical/Tactical
  • Social/Emotional
  • Physical
  • Psychological

In order for a talented player to reach his/her full potential, all corners must be equally addressed throughout all stages of development. Player progress within the Talented Pathway will be dependent on male/female demonstrating the attributes of intrinsic motivation, potential and commitment.

The OPDL training environment provides a holistic support system to all athletes, which allows Ontario’s soccer best become their best. Through the OPDL requirement of highly qualified coaching staff within all License Holder environments, talented players can be assured to develop in a training environment that fully meets their individual needs and expectations.

Mirco Schroff | OSA Technical Director | 905-264-9390 |