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OPDL Key Message – Player Call-Up

By OSA News, 06/10/14, 6:15PM EDT


What is important to know with regards to player call-ups in the OPDL?

The OPDL provides its license holders with the opportunity to call-up players from one of its own non-OPDL squads. The player must be either the same age (birth year) or one year younger in order to be eligible for an OPDL game day.

Teams are only permitted to call up a non-OPDL player in instances where a team roster will fall below 14 players for its next game day. A maximum of six call-ups are allowed by one OPDL team during the OPDL season. No more than two players may be called up for any given game day.

This could be one player called up six times, six different players called up on different occasions, or a mix in between.

No player that is called up may participate in more than two OPDL game days consecutively.

Registered OPDL players are not able to be called up by any team as these players follow a periodized, player-centred season calendar that accounts for all performance and rest periods respectively.

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