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OPDL Key Message – Performance Triangle

By OSA News, 06/17/14, 6:15PM EDT


Each week, Mirco Schroff, the OSA Talented Pathway Technical Director, tackles one issue and how it relates to OPDL operations. This week, Schroff has delivered an OPDL Key Message on player call-ups 

What is important to know with regards to the OPDL Performance Triangle?

The OPDL Performance Triangle can be compared to a GPS that helps consolidate direction. It cannot tell you where to go but it can help you get there. The Performance Triangle combines the three essential elements for High Performance:

MINDSET – A mental attitude that determines our behaviour that can influence the style of play and emotional approach to the game. Mindset drives intensity.

SKILLSET – This is composed of technical habits and physical influencers. A technical habit (i.e. turning with the ball) is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly under pressure and tends to occur subconsciously. A physical influencer is an individual trainable athletic aspect that can enhance the playing style or philosophy of the team. Skillset drives accuracy. 

STRUCTURE – The team’s selection (i.e. who is playing what position) and shape (i.e. attacking and defending organization of players). Structure drives clarity.

The combination of these elements of the Performance Triangle creates a unique provincial/national identity. This brand of soccer connects us to those strong soccer playing nations around the world, while still honouring the aspects that Canadian players display well.

This Performance Triangle approach will be broken down in further detail during OPDL coach education events throughout each OPDL season, with age-specific content that is coach driven and player centred and it is something that all OPDL coaches are required to attend.

Mirco Schroff | OSA Technical Director | 905-264-9390 |