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OPDL Club Profiled – A Look At North Toronto

By OSA News, 06/17/14, 6:15PM EDT


The North Toronto Soccer Club’s mission is to provide soccer players, coaches and parents of North Toronto the opportunities to learn, play and mature through the game of soccer – regardless of age, gender or capability. The club objective is to ensure that these opportunities are granted in a fun and safe environment, while promoting the development of soccer.

North Toronto has a wide range of members from varying economic and cultural backgrounds coming to play the beautiful game. As a club they get involved in local community and school field projects and continue to promote soccer through attendance as a club at FIFA Women’s U-20 games and Toronto FC games on a regular basis.

John Hyland, the North Toronto Club Head Coach and Technical Director, answered a few questions on why their club decided to become a OPDL license holder and what their long term plans are for the program. 

  1. Why did NTSC apply for an OPDL License in 2013?

    “Our philosophy lies on having a place for everyone to play from 4 year old beginners to high performance and OPDL is an integral part of providing that. We have some fantastic athletes coming through our younger ages and OPDL is a statement by the club that we want to give those athletes the best opportunity to fulfill their potential in soccer.”
  2. What long-term goals does NTSC have with regards to offering the OPDL?

    “It is our long-term goal to have more players compete at Varsity level with scholarships, playing in the National program and playing professionally. It also allows for a coach development platform by where our coaches can achieve their long-term personal goals and coach at the highest levels.”
  3. What other benefits do you see within the organization in providing OPDL teams?

    “An aligned player pathway is essential for LTPD. The idea of showing a clear path from U4 through to adult is to NTSC what encapsulates LTAD and then incorporate referee and coach development allows for an Active for Life Club and allows players and parents to feel a long term connection with the Club. OPDL allows players to find everything they need to fulfill their potential whether that be at recreational or high performance.”

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