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OPDL Key Message – Coaching Methods

By OSA News, 06/24/14, 6:15PM EDT


Each week, Mirco Schroff, the OSA Talented Pathway Technical Director, tackles one issue and how it relates to OPDL operations. This week, Schroff has delivered an OPDL Key Message on coaching methods.

What is important to know with regards to coaching methods used within the OPDL?

The OPDL coach education and development component will lead to further knowledge and experience of coaches when implementing various coaching methods in their regular training sessions with the athletes. These coaching methods range in nature and must be implemented systematically in order to match the overall OPDL four-cornered player development approach and curriculum.

The following coaching methods will play a more important role for OPDL U-13 and U1-4 coaches:

  • Technical Practice – Unopposed practice with the emphasis on the development of a game technique. Technique is the pure mechanics of performing an action like passing or dribbling.
  • Skill Practice – Opposed practice with the emphasis on developing the bond of technique and decision making. Skill is the application of technique in a game-like situation.

As players transition from the Training to Train stage to the Training to Compete stage of development, the following coaching methods gain more importance:

  • Technical Practice (positional) – Unopposed practice with the emphasis on the development of a game technique that is linked to a specific position.
  • Functional Practice – A situation in which a player or a small group of players develop an understanding of their attacking/defending roles, responsibilities and accompanying skills.
  • Phase of Play – A practice situation utilizing the full width of the pitch with a reduced length and involving team units that work on their attacking or defending tactical understanding.

Within each stage of development it is imperative that players get exposed to small-sided-games on a regular basis and also experience 11-a-side games within their training environment periodically.

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